Ruen Debriyajları Klas Otomotiv farkı ile Türkiye'de!

Ruen Clutches now in Turkey!


Ruen Inox Automobile is situated in the Kochani Valley, in eastern part of Macedonia. This company is specialized in producing friction clutches for light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and tractors. With the production plant expanding over 5 hectares and equipped with the most modern production equipment together with quality management, the company has succeeded in becoming a respectable partner in automobile community.

By producing very vital and responsible element in vehicles, we have set high criteria when it comes to raw material quality and strictly-defined technology for the production of positions that make up the clutch. Rod materials are subjected to forging, and then machining in order to achieve the required dimensions. Metal sheets and strips are processed by pressing, castings are machined, while the springs are produced on machines for making spiral springs. Friction linings are made of special asbestos-free yarn with appropriate chemical components. All the vital elements installed into the clutch are further subjected to heat treatment in order to achieve the appropriate firmness, elasticity and surface hardness. Thus produced elements are further subjected to surface corrosion protection. After that, the elements are placed on the assembly line where they are first being assembled and then the position of the finished clutch is being set. The assembled clutch is moved to the simulator where the final control of parameters and function check up is being performed in the vehicle like conditions. Thus made products are being sent for marking, packing in proscribed packaging for transport and expedition.

At all stages, the production process is specially focused on quality control.

Ruen Inox automobile has offered quality and trust since 1952. Quality policy of our company is based on customer satisfaction, product and service quality, competitive pricing, technology, teamwork, training of employees, production processes improvement and new products development. We are continuously investing in innovative technologies, modern equipment for the production and design of new clutches types. We also apply international quality standard - ISO standard in order for the company to expand the boundaries of conventional business and achieve goals set. At this moment 95% of our products are being exported to more than 30 countries all over the world.

Safe and secure vehicles on the roads, in transport and in the fields - thanks to Ruen Inox automobile